Cover your face for the human race

Let's protect each other and stop the spread of COVID-19

(NOTE: Because people have largely solved the problem of not using medical masks for ordinary citizens, we started to emphasize the simpler #MaskPledge in the text below.)

An URGENT Call to Action

Dear Friend,

We need your help to get a strong message to the public to stop the spread of COVID-19.  

We are a team of Harvard researchers advocating for everyone to wear a DIY face covering not just to protect themselves but also others around them.

According to Harvard Medical School Dean, George Q. Daley, "If everyone is wearing a mask, we can reduce the transmission from those individuals who are unwittingly already infected. Given the shortage of adequate masks, it is extremely helpful for you to design your own face covering."

Can you use your influence as a role model and spread the word to the public? Our DIY Mask Challenge is modeled after the ice bucket challenge. It is necessary to help save lives particularly as Americans attempt to return to work in the near future.

Please take a selfie with a homemade face covering, post it to social media with any or all of #MaskPledge, #KindlyMask, #Masks4All or #DIYMaskChallenge, tag your friends and challenge everyone to pass it on.

Your deeds can drive powerful changes. If you would like to help more, please reach out to us. We also need to re-frame the conversation using PSAs so that everyone realizes that all of us are safer when those around us cover their faces. Making it cool, fun or fashionable will go a very long way to helping us with this difficult, but critical shift for everyone.

Thank you again for all that you do. Please visit https://DIYMaskChallenge.org/ for up to date information.


Michael Chou, PhD


Michael Sismour, PhD