You can stop the spread of COVID-19

by covering your face with a DIY face mask

Bar Graph August 6, 2020

Join the DIY Mask Movement

We are calling on everyone to make and wear masks to stop the
spread of COVID-19! If we all promise to wear our masks, then together,
we can keep each other safe.


Step 1: Commit to Wearing A DIY Mask

The virus spreads because people don't know they're infected. Wearing a mask shows you care about the lives of everyone around you.

We’re much safer when EVERYONE wears a mask. Infected people leave contamination behind. That’s why, even if you wear a mask, you’re safer if others wear one too. Insist that everyone wear a DIY mask.

Wearing a DIY mask is one of the most effective ways to save lives and there's no time to waste. You already have what you need. 

TOGETHER, we can stop the spread of deadly infections.

Step 2: Make A Mask

Save the surgical masks for nurses and doctors! Just grab a cotton bandana, T-shirt, or dishtowel around your home and make a DIY mask.

Get creative! Rep your favorite sports team, a band you love, or your school. Just make sure it fully covers your nose and your mouth.

Need inspiration? Get started here.

Matthew McConaughey has some fun
with a serious message.


Step 3: Spread the Word

Post a selfie or a video of you in your mask with #DIYMaskChallenge on social media so we can spread the word—not the virus!

Tag five friends or more to join you in the challenge.
(you can copy and modify the text below if you like.)

FB and Instagram:
Join the #DIYMaskChallenge. Post a selfie with your own DIY mask and tag 5 others to do the same and pass it on. Every minute counts to protect each other. #Covid19#Masks4All
Let’s protect each other. Stop COVID19. @Person2@Person3@Person4
Please join the #DIYMaskChallenge & pass it on.

How can a mask help with COVID-19?

Masks prevent the spread of COVID-19

COVID-19 spreads when drops in the breath of infected people linger in the air or stick on surfaces.

When others come into contact with these drops, they too, can become infected.

Masks catch 95%–100% of the virus of the wearer.

(Courtesy of #Masks4All. See their brief powerful video)

I feel fine—why should I wear a mask?

It is estimated that over 50% of infected people don’t have any symptoms—
so you could have COVID-19, be spreading it around, and not know it!

Other countries have proven that more people wearing masks makes a huge difference.

Bar Graph August 6, 2020

Let’s Protect Each Other—

Join the #DIYMaskChallege Now!


DO NOTHING, and COVID-19 keeps spreading.


WEAR A MASK, and we can help stop the spread.

Join the worldwide movement!


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