Who are we?

The DIY Mask Challenge was started by Michael Chou, PhD from Harvard Medical School with tremendous help from many other concerned scientists and citizens. Many of us are scientists, doctors, emergency workers, and providers of essential services.  And just like you, we are concerned for the safety of ourselves and everyone around us.

We invite you to help

We need all citizens to come together now. Here's how you can help.

To help spread the word, please follow our advice on the homepage. If you'd like to go beyond, please help connect us with influencers to get the word out to everyone. See our URGENT Call to Action.

For media inquiries, please contact: media@diymc.org.

To volunteer to help, please contact: volunteer@diymc.org.

To show add your name to our list, please follow us:
@DIY_Mask on Twitter
@DIYMaskChallenge on Facebook and Instagram


Dr. Michael Chou (Harvard Lecturer in Genetics/Executive Director & Co-Founder iXbio)

Team members:
Dr. George Church (Harvard Professor of Genetics)
Dr. Christopher Guzman (Yale trained scientist)
Dr. Michael Sismour (Harvard trained scientist/biomedical industry expert)
Dr. Bill Atwood (Bishop in the Anglican Church)
Sara Nolfo (Watson Foundation Fellowship Director)
David Saxner (Longfellow Associates)
Dr. Barry Wanner (Harvard Lecturer on Microbiology)
Dr. Winston Patrick Kuo (Harvard trained scientist/industry expert)
Joy Bautista (Boston Arts Academy Academic Dean and science teacher)
Steven Max Patterson (MedVR.io)