We know there is asymptomatic spread. …Are you taking another look at the CDC’s mask recommendations?

We’re always critically looking at new data and… there is data from obviously Singapore, Hong Kong and China that looks at the issue and you can look at masks in two ways…Is the mask something that protects me or…if I wear a mask, is it something that protects others, from me?

Particularly with the new data, that there’s significant asymptomatic transmission, this is being critically re-reviewed, to see if there’s potential additional value for individuals that are infected or individuals that may be asymptomatically infected … obviously you can see the complexity of that, if you assume that 25% are asymptomatic the only way you would do it– if you then sort of went into areas that were high transmission zones and had a significant [proportion of] individuals then wearing masks, assuming that they were infected. I can tell you that the data and this issue of whether it’s going to contribute [to prevention] is being aggressively reviewed as we speak.”


  • Dr. Robert Redfield, CDC Director


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